cook's illustrated chocolate chip cookies

O. M. G.


what? you thought it was just a normal chocolate chip cookie? if you want a plain old chocolate chip cookie, use the recipe off the back of the wegmans chocolate chip bag, it's the best one i've found on a package.

and what makes these cookies so special? one simple thing. browned butter. the butterscotchy flavor it adds is amazing. out of this world. try it. tonight.

ok, two simple things. the cookies are larger than usual - a full three tablespoons. and it makes sense - when the cookie's bigger, the outside gets nice and crunchy and the middle stays chewy. it's perfection.

when i watched this episode of america's test kitchen a couple weeks ago, they had a segment where they taste tested chocolate chips. surprisingly, nestle came out last - or close to last? - and they recommended ghirardelli 60% cocoa bittersweet chips both for flavor and the fact that they're flat chips and create a layer of chocolate in the baked cookies. so i splurged the $3 for a bag and used them instead of my usual wegmans bag.

cook's illustrated/america's test kitchen chocolate chip cookies
get the recipe here

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