error: baked dulce de leche

i keep seeing posts on other blogs about making dulce de leche and how easy it is.

it all started with not without salt's version of boiling the can submerged in water.

and then i saw needful thing's baked version and decided that sounded a little less scary.

so i bought a can of sweetened condensed milk, put it in a glass pie plate and covered with foil, put the pie plate in a roasting pan, filled the roasting pan up with water until it was about half up the pie plate, and put in a 435F oven for 60 minutes.

it did not work so well at all. the result was an ever so darker shade of sweetened condensed milk. not even close to what i was expecting.

so the next morning, i decided to bake it without the water bath. bad news.

i baked the covered pan at 400 for about 20 minutes, checking it every 5. now i see why the water bath was so important. the bottom and sides were pretty burnt and the middle had turned a light caramel color.

i let it cool, whisked it until smooth - being careful not to get the burnt parts mixed in - and tried it in my freshly pressed coffee.

but i wasn't wowed. it really didn't taste all that different from my normal routine of sugar + half & half. i'll have to try another version. or try a caramel instead.


  1. So sorry it didn't work for you! I've made it so many times and it's a couple of shades darker than the one in your photo, but lighter than the one you got from Alton Browns' recipe.

  2. you need to try the boiled can version. my dad grew up in brasil, where dulce de leche IS their caramel, and that's how they made it. SO delicious.


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