baked's lemon cake

this is one of the few - very very very few - times i didn't read the entire recipe before starting to cook. sure, i read the ingredients list. sure, i read the description. and saw the oh so perfect looking slice of cake on the opposite page, but i didn't realize what a true labor of love this cake would be until i was elbow deep in lemon juice.

the juice and zest of 8 lemons, in fact. before you decide to make this cake - here's the rundown.

step 1: bake a lemon pound cake. sounds easy, it is. it's a basic lemon pound cake. just make sure it's cooked all the way - mine weren't done even though the toothpick came out clean. bummer.

step 2: make a lemon simple syrup of equal parts sugar and lemon juice. when the cakes are cooling, poke them like crazy, and brush on the simple syrup.

step 3: make a lemon glaze. use the rest of your lemon juice and some powdered sugar to make a glaze for the top.

it's lemon insanity. jason loved it. me, it was almost over the top. almost.

it's pretty dense, and really only lasts a day or two after it's made. then it starts to get slightly soggy, slightly dried out at the same time. it's weird and definitely not the same as when it's eaten the same day.

lemon lemon cake
from baked: new frontiers in baking

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