the best (brown) soda bread

honestly, i've never thought too highly of recipes in the newspaper. i don't know why, i just never gave them much thought.

tonight i needed a quick bread to go with soup. i like irish soda bread, but i wanted something with wheat. most of the wheat soda bread recipes i found included something i didn't have on hand or the combination didn't sound all that appetizing. until i landed on this one...

and if you thought the irish soda bread from last month (or was it january?) was good, this one is waaaaay better.

it was just as quick - 5 minutes to throw together & 25 minutes to bake, i had all the ingredients, and the wheat flour definitely adds a really good nuttiness.

i halved the recipe to make one loaf, and it was the perfect size for four people....(or two if you're bread hounds like us...we ate three quarters of the loaf tonight with dinner)

brown soda bread
from the boston globe at http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/food/articles/2009/03/11/brown_soda_bread/

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