real eats

here's a summary of everything i made & we ate over the last week. enjoy!

Glazed Meyer Lemon Buttermilk Bundt CakeFunfetti Sugar Cookie BarsLemon Roasted Chicken


slow cooker black bean soup with cilantro pesto

a couple weeks ago i made these black bean burritos with cilantro lime pesto for dinner, substituting my own black beans for the relatively flavorless version in the recipe. while the beans were delicious as usual, it was the cilantro lime pesto that really was the star. ever since i've been looking for an excuse to top something else with it. 

at the same time, i've been thinking lately that it's time for us to start going meatless one day a week. i know meatless monday is a thing for a lot of people, but at our house, it could be any day of the week. when this black bean soup showed up in my feedly, i knew it would be delicious topped with the cilantro pesto. and it was. 


real eats

while many bloggers publish their meal plans each week and while i plan out meals each week before grocery shopping, often things come up & our meals change. here's a list of what we actually ate in the last week. and since we have an 11 month old & 2 3/4 year old who both eat what we eat, all of our meals are kid friendly. all recipes are posted on my pinterest made board & links are below.

sunday dinner was this copycat panera broccoli and cheddar soup with italian bread. i've never been a huge fan of broccoli - i distinctly remember only eating it as a child with a thick pour of homemade cheese sauce over it - and have been trying to eat more of it recently. this soup was killer. the only problem is that it made just enough for dinner; next time i'll double it for leftovers.

monday dinner was one of our favorites: grilled turkey, onion, and garlic panini with a side of  peas


secret recipe club: breakfast pizza two ways

i can't believe that my little butterball's first birthday is about six weeks away. after planning two parties for his older brother, i've learned a few things about kids' parties - first birthday parties are really for parents & older siblings to get together and play, no one will blink an eye or miss a beat if you don't have a theme, as long as there's good food & things to keep kids busy, people will be happy. oh and most importantly, schedule around nap time. both for your kids and theirs. otherwise, either no one will come, they'll come late, or you'll be stuck with a bunch of grumpy children, including your own.

which brings me to this year's great idea: a saturday morning birthday party. parents and kids can come, eat some brunch, let their kids run around until they're tired enough for nap, and have the rest of the day to do whatever it is they need to get done. and really, is there anything better than brunch food?!


cowboy calzones

for the last six months or so, i've made homemade pizza about every other week. while relatively easy and oh-so-delicious, i was getting slightly bored with our toppings and was looking for something else to do with my now favorite pizza dough. one night, over said homemade pizza, jason and i were talking about eating pizza as kids and i mentioned that sometimes i would forgo pizza for a calzone and that i couldn't remember the last time i had one. right then and there i knew calzones would be on the menu for the following week. jason had one and only request: add meat. and because i'm not a huge fan of pepperoni, this cowboy version loaded with ground beef and three cheeses was the next best thing.

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