beer battered haddock

since announcing to our friends, family and coworkers in december that i'm pregnant, there's three questions that everyone asks. do you know if it's a boy or girl - are you going to find out? how are you feeling? and have you had any weird cravings?

no, we don't know if it's a boy or girl and aren't sure if we will find out. i've been feeling a lot like myself - just in different clothes and working on gaining weight this time of year while everyone else is focused on losing it. and i haven't really had any weird cravings. unless sour cream and onion potato chips and fried fish sandwiches count.

friday fish fry is popular in upstate new york. and if you're a fan, you know who locally has good fish fry - a crisp, light beer batter - and who doesn't - dense, soggy, greasy beer batter. this is the perfect batter to make fish fry at home. i've made it a few times over the last year and each time it comes out nice and light and crispy.

beer battered haddock
adapted from the joy of cooking
2 1/2 hours, serves 4-6

this is an all purpose beer batter, so try it with shrimp and vegetables, like green beans.

2 egg yolks
1 tablespoon butter
3/4 cup beer
1 cup all purpose flour
2 egg whites at room temperature
vegetable oil
2 to 3 large haddock steaks, cut into manageable sizes
  1. to make the batter, mix the egg yolks, butter, and beer in a large bowl. whisk in the flour until smooth and season with salt and pepper. cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let sit at room temperature for 2 hours or refrigerate for up to 12 hours. if refrigerating the batter, bring it up to room temperature before proceeding.
  2. beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form. fold the egg whites into the batter until no streaks are left.
  3. pat the fish dry with paper towels. heat about three inches of vegetable or peanut oil to 375F in a large dutch oven or other heavy bottomed, high walled pot.
  4. drop the fish into the batter and turn to coat.
  5. cook the fish by dropping it into the hot oil carefully in batches and do not crowd the pan. cook the fish about four minutes per side, or until golden.
  6. remove from the oil and drain on paper towels. sprinkle lightly with kosher salt while still hot and serve.

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  1. Congratulations to you!!!!! What exciting, wonderful news!! I, too, am expecting (due in May), and get the cravings question a lot. I hope you're feeling great and enjoying the pregnancy so far! Can't wait to read more about what you're making in the next several months : )


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