easy english muffins

last weekend, between barbecues, fireworks, lazy drives for ice cream in the thing, yardwork, and 90+ degree days, i decided it was time to bake something yeasty. [and check something off the list at the same time!]

english muffins have been on my to bake list for a while now, back when i didn't realize how easy it is to get all the nooks and crannies and the toasty brown crunchy crust. the process is obnoxiously simple, if you've ever made a standard loaf of bread before - 

make bread dough. let it rise.
form dough into six rolls. let them rise.
preheat a griddle to medium-low and cook each side to get the crust.
finish cooking them all the way through by baking in the oven.
smother with homemade butter and jam. wish tomorrow wasn't a weekday.
the verdict?? "wow, these look like actual english muffins. like i drove to the store and bought a package....wow and they taste like english muffins! no way, you didn't make these?!" i think he likes them.

next time i'm making twelve.

english muffins
3-4 hours start to finish, makes 6 muffins
click here to get the recipe at brown eyed baker

normally i'd tell you how i adapted the recipe to fit my needs - adjust quantities of this, change the baking time of that. but this recipe is almost flawless exactly as it is.


  1. These look wonderful! Here too, it's hot but I've been baking and cooking...crazy!

    Cook Lisa Cook

  2. Time to have a Brinner night! I love english muffins...I'll have to try this one.

  3. i have never done english muffin ùi''ll do very soon

  4. I've always heard about how easy English muffins are, but I've never gotten around to making them. Yours look absolutely perfect!

  5. We buy 2+ packs of english muffins a week in this house.. I ought to attempt to make them :D I didn't realize how simple they are!


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