crockpot dulce de leche

i finally conquered dulce de leche! without boiling cans, tending milk on the stove for hours, or turning on the oven. pour a couple of cans of sweetened condensed milk in your slow cooker, set it to low, stir ever hour or so, and in about six hours you've got rich, creamy dulce de leche. yes, it really is that easy.

crockpot dulce de leche
6 to 8 hours, depending on how many cans you use

as many cans of sweetened condensed milk as you'd like

  1. open your cans of sweetened condensed milk and pour into a slow cooker. 
  2. cook on the low setting, six to eight hours, stirring every 45 to 60 minutes, until it's at the color and consistency you like.
  3. let cook & store in the refrigerator.


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