secret recipe club: 1 hour cinnamon swirl bread with honey butter

we are total carboholics in our house, especially the boys, who have never met a bread product they didn't like. bread, monkey bread, stuffed bread, bagels, croissants, biscuits, english muffins, buns, cornbread, pancakes, fried donuts, baked donuts, muffins, waffles and too many scones to count, they love them all, both sweet and savory. sometimes, we have to hide loaves of bread or packages of rolls out of our youngest's view, or else he won't eat his dinner. 

before the kids were born, i had time to putz around and make a yeasty loaf of bread. now, not so much. as soon as i saw this recipe promising fresh baked bread at home in an hour(!!!) from lori at lori's culinary creations, i was set. the one thing it needed: a heavy dose of cinnamon and sugar.

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