cowboy calzones

for the last six months or so, i've made homemade pizza about every other week. while relatively easy and oh-so-delicious, i was getting slightly bored with our toppings and was looking for something else to do with my now favorite pizza dough. one night, over said homemade pizza, jason and i were talking about eating pizza as kids and i mentioned that sometimes i would forgo pizza for a calzone and that i couldn't remember the last time i had one. right then and there i knew calzones would be on the menu for the following week. jason had one and only request: add meat. and because i'm not a huge fan of pepperoni, this cowboy version loaded with ground beef and three cheeses was the next best thing.


secret recipe club: old fashioned sour cream donuts

a couple months ago - november 22, to be exact - i was craving a good donut so badly that the next morning, we packed up the kids and headed to downtown rochester for a half dozen. we foolishly thought we would have leftovers. needless to say, my favorite was the old fashioned sour cream donut. like most great foods, i wanted to make them myself at home and immediately tucked the idea in the back of my mind.

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