creamy mushroom stroganoff

when i first made mushroom stroganoff a mere four years ago, it was good - how can pasta tossed with mushrooms cooked in dry sherry and butter be bad? - it didn't have the creaminess that stroganoff is known for. i tucked the thought of a remake into the back of my mind. where it then sat for years until i was thumbing through cooking light's fresh food fast, a book i picked up in the bargain bin of my local bookstore, thinking it would help reinvigorate my weeknight meals. and that it did. this version did not disappoint - the addition of sour cream added the perfect amount of creaminess i was looking for. the butter and dry sherry didn't hurt either. 


whole wheat banana bread scones

last august we packed up the kids and drove a few hours to pennsylvania where we met up with my side of the family for a good old fashioned camping trip. while the weather was awful - coats & long pants were required wear, like a typical camping trip when i was a child, and it poured rain for a day or two - we had a great time. the kids laughed and played and we adults snuck sips of our "juice", hoping not to get kicked out for drinking adult beverages. it was perfect.

i made a double batch of these scones for the occasion. they came in handy on the car ride down, especially with a two year old scone lover in tow. i didn't mind him eating them multiple times a day since they are full of whole wheat flour, yogurt, and bananas.

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