first year down...

i really should have made a cake for the occasion. but with two birthday parties last weekend, 3 leftover slabs of cake at home in the fridge, and two cakes in the works for my own birthday coming up later this week, i don't think i could stomach another one.

a year ago today i kicked off this blog with honey graham bread and spent the last year further nurturing my obsession with food.

in january, i had a horrible store bought cupcake for my birthday, so i immediately went home and remade them.

in february, i made the best cupcakes and ultimate chocolate frosting.

march brought ravioli, two attempts at dulce de leche, my favorite chocolate chip cookies so far, and the best snack.

in april, jason showed off and cupcakes were made in celebration of a friend's baby #2.

in may, i mastered lemon curd.

and june brought fresh mint ice cream and my first jam, from the best teacher!

july brought a miserable failure of homemade mint extract, the easiest pickles, and a long weekend in new york.

august brought a celebration of blackberries, with sangria, crumb cake, half moons, waffles, ice cream, jam & syrup, and my absolute favorite of 2010: white layer cake with blackberry buttercream.

in september my tomatoes finally started coming and we celebrated with risotto and a soggy tart. but the best were the forty or so pounds of peaches we picked and canned to enjoy all winter.

october brought our anniversary, to die for homemade tomato soup, and finally mastering caramel sauce!

in november i put my risotto skills to the test and attempted sweet peach and strawberry versions and made my favorite fall chili.

december included visits to far away friends and family, spiced coffee and spiced cookies, and a new favorite soup to add to the rotation.
it's amazing how much really happens in one simple year when you look back at it. too bad we can't slow it down. just a teeny tiny bit.

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  1. Wooohoooo, a whole year! Congrats, girl! So glad I've been along for the ride thus far...and here's to another year of mouthwatering recipes!


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