honey graham bread

with all the baking i've done in the last year or so, i've never attempted bread. sure, i've made pretzels, rolls, biscuits, and quick breads, but i'm talking about adding yeast, wait for it to double, etc, and end up with a great homemade loaf of bread.

and really, nothing beats a slice of warm, fresh baked bread with butter. especially on a sunday morning, with fresh coffee and a newspaper.

so i gave it a shot.

it was perfect. perfect balance of hearty (from the wheat flour) and sweet & spicy (from the honey and cinnamon). and it goes great with honey butter (mix a little honey into some softened butter) and lasts about a week.

as good as the bread was, baking the second loaf didn't quite work for me. the recipe makes two loaves. so i baked one and reserved the second to bake later in the week, as the cookbook explained. it didn't work so well. my second loaf ended up not cooking the middle at all. next time i'll just bake them both at once.

honey graham bread
from healthy bread in five minutes a day

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  1. I just found your blog through the Secret Club recipe, and I am so happy I did. First, I really love your cake. Second, I then noticed the title of your blog, mine is "Cook book of trial and error" ;-), then I started reading "About me" section and I saw that you make your own bread and cheese from scratch - and I do too :-). And now I clicked on this link, and I see a recipe from Bread in 5, it's my absolutely favorite cook book, and I just looked through it today for recipe ideas :-). I am looking for a follow button - I need to come back here and see what else you're making ;-)


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