my week in food

monday we had a large version of these pizza bowls, filled with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers. we scooped it onto slices of italian bread and ate outside again.

tuesday: chicken caesar salad maked an easy vegetable filled weeknight dinner. topped with parmesan cheese and croutons, my preschooler requests it frequently.

we're trying to eat fish more frequently, so wednesday we had baked tilapia with peas and leftover salad.

thursday's weather was finally perfect so we packed up the boys for our first playground picnic - with hummus and vegetable pita sandwiches - of the year. too bad the weather didn't cooperate, but at least we didn't get caught in the rain.

late thursday night jason mentioned that i hadn't made and we hadn't eaten risotto in a while. i had originally planned to make this wild rice & mushroom soup for dinner friday. since i already had mushrooms in the fridge and vegetable stock in my pantry, i switched it up and made mushroom risotto - adapting this portobello risotto by substituting creminis for portobellos. it was good and i've never met a toddler or a preschooler that hates rice.

a couple weeks ago i made a double batch of my favorite pizza dough and white pizza sauce, freezing one ball of dough for later. this made dinner on saturday - after a couple hours at the zoo with the rest of the rochester area - easy to put together. served with salad, we ended our meal celebrating roo's birthday with this petite white layer cake.

sunday night was one of my favorites: grilled cheddar, avocado & bacon sandwiches on wheat bread with carrots. 

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