garlic pasta

after a nice long weekend of camping in the adirondacks (more on that later), i really wanted a bowl of pasta. which is good, since i don't have any meat, vegetables, or dairy in the house and wasn't in the mood to stop at the store on the way home from work.

sometimes, i can't wait to get home and cook. i mean, really cook. cook a two hour dinner on a tuesday night. and those nights, i don't care so much about eating. it isn't about eating dinner. it's about making dinner. other nights, the last thing on earth i want to do is cook. when making toast seems like a chore. i can't be the only one that has those days, can i? and then there are the other evenings, where i want to cook mostly because i want to eat. i don't care so much what it is that i am cooking, as long as i can eat. it has to be quick. with minimal prep and dishes to do. and it has to be tasty.

last night was a quick and tasty kind of night. after being away for a couple days, i didn't mind cooking, but i was exhausted, and starving. all in all, this pasta took me a whole 20 minutes to throw together. i dirtied two pans, a knife, and a cutting board. not too bad.

one word of warning: do not eat this pasta if you plan to talk to or kiss (especially kiss) another person within 24 hours, unless said person has also eaten this pasta. the star is definitely garlic . garlic infused butter, to be exact. since we both love garlic so, i used a full six large cloves. four seems like a more reasonable amount, but feel free to add more or use less as you wish.

kate's garlic pasta
20 minutes start to finish, two generous servings

1/2 pound pasta, any type of long strand (ie. papardelle, fettucini, spaghetti, etc)
4 garlic gloves, peeled and smashed with your knife
3 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/4 cup fresh grated parmesan cheese
salt & pepper
  1. put the pasta water on to boil.
  2. in a saute pan, melt the butter over medium low heat. add the crushed garlic cloves. watch the garlic while the pasta is cooking and turn it down if it starts to sizzle. you don't want the garlic to cook, but infuse the butter with flavor.
  3. drain the pasta when it's done cooking and remove the garlic from the butter using a slotted spoon. you can save the crushed garlic for tomorrow's dinner or toss it.
  4. toss the pasta with the butter and parmesan cheese. season with salt & pepper and enjoy your garlic breath.

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