electric lemonade

about this time last summer, after walking and biking i don't know how many miles of the erie canal, we finally took a boat down it.

it wasn't anything too exciting; just a nice way to kill a lazy, hot summer afternoon. although the canal was trying real hard to be the star of the show, it just couldn't get out of the shadow of the lemonade.

it was blue. it was lemon. and it was strong. two of these and you're definitely not doing anything but laying in a hammock for the rest of the afternoon. we all had a round, sailed down the canal, and finished our afternoon with beer and grilled meat outside. the lemonade whisked out of memory.

flash forward a couple weeks to jason's birthday. we were making plans, deciding what food to make for the party, when out of nowhere, he decided he didn't want anything to drink but a recreation of the lemonade. so this is not my drink. it's not my creation. it's totally his. so last july while i was desperately trying to make a mojito from the mint in our backyard, jason was whipping up these electric lemonades like it was his job.

you should have seen his eyes light up last friday when i suggested - and then made - them for us.

jason's electric lemonade
makes one

handful of ice
~1 shot vodka
~1 shot blue curacao
lemonade powder mix

add a handful of ice to a tall glass. add the blue curacao and vodka. add a small amount (~1/2 teaspoon) lemonade powder mix and top off with lemonade. enjoy your glass of summer sunshine!


  1. are your glasses tinted blue?

  2. nope, my drinking glasses are clear glass.

  3. sounds tasty - why the lemonade powder in addition to the liquid lemonade?

  4. the lemonade powder gives it just enough kick of lemonade flavor. i suppose you could make double strength lemonade and skip the extra powder instead.

  5. Adding my thoughts! This is quite tasty!! Though I ended up making my own lemonade with
    1/2 part simple syurup
    1/2 part lemon juice
    3 1/4 parts water (This filled the glass).
    1 shot vodka
    1 shot blue curacao

  6. How much alcohol is used to make a pitcher (4quarts)

    1. I haven't made a full pitcher of these, but I would start with lemonade and add vodka to the strength you like. Personally, I would start with about 1 shot of vodka per 1 1/2 cups of lemonade and increase it from there.

  7. Sounds like Blue Hawaiians almost. Good stuff. Strong.

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  9. This may be my new favourite drink ��

  10. This may be my new favourite drink ��


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