my week in food

here's a summary of everything i made & we ate over the last week. enjoy!

Glazed Meyer Lemon Buttermilk Bundt CakeFunfetti Sugar Cookie BarsLemon Roasted Chicken

sunday dinner were these blackened tilapia tacos topped with homemade pico de gallo and avocado. the boys loved this just as much as we did!

monday. jason asks me to make carbonara a couple times a year and if memory serves me right, this was the first time i've ever made it. i used this recipe, loaded with cheese & crispy bacon.

tuesday. i picked up some apple onion pork sausage on sale at wegmans a couple weeks ago. i stashed it in the freezer for an easy weeknight dinner. tuesday, i sauteed it with onions, hard apple cider, and chicken stock and served it with baked potatoes.

wednesday. i've seen a lot of black been soup recipes lately, but don't want to spend a day stirring a pot of beans. so i was happy when this vegan slow cooker black bean soup popped up in my feedly. i eliminated the jalapeno and it was perfect for all four of us.

thursday. i've been wanting a good cheeseburger lately, so we had them tonight with corn & frozen french fries. earlier this afternoon, i whipped up these funfetti sugar cookie bars. i let my toddler son pick out the sprinkles, which meant we had blue sprinkles mixed in (definitely not a good look) and rainbow nonpareils on top. regardless of color, they were delicious - jason loved the frosting, since it wasn't super sweet.

friday. our friends came over, so i made a double batch of this homemade thin crust pizza & topped three of them, freezing the last ball of dough for later. we had white, half cheese half pepperoni, and roasted vegetable pizzas with caesar salad.

saturday. for breakfast, i topped a piece of roasted vegetable pizza that i warmed in my toaster oven with a perfectly over easy egg. it was delicious. lunch was more leftover pizza and dinner was spent at our friend's kid's second birthday party.

sunday. i had forgotten how delicious roast chicken is & was miraculously able to make martha's roast chicken with roasted potatoes and make this glazed meyer lemon bundt cake all while watching the boys while jason was out. i seriously don't know how i was able to do this. and that cake?! buy some meyer lemons and make it as soon as you can!

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