cranberry bliss bars

the last few times i went to starbucks was blazing early in the morning, in jfk, after an hour flight from airport with a long day ahead of me, ending with a return flight home. about a year ago, when the salted caramel mocha first came out, i used one of these hellish days to try one. and was shocked at how much i did not like it. how much it didn't even remotely taste like coffee.

i'm all for flavored coffee drinks, my favorite is vanilla regular at dunkin donuts and if i'm at a starbucks, their white chocolate mocha, but the salted caramel was too much for me. it was way too sweet and way too salty. i was never a huge fan of starbucks before, but after that undrinkable mocha, i've actively avoided them.

but these bars may give me a reason to go back. or at least stop at one in an airport. while i've never had the original starbucks version of these bars, if they're half as good as the homemade version, i'm sold. the only thing that would make them better? toss in some pistachios for a holiday version.

cranberry bliss bars
30 minutes, makes a 8x8" square pan

click to get the recipe at averie cooks. the only change i made was to use half of the frosting.


  1. Looks like a snowy/frosty topping on top! Wonderfully festive :)

  2. Wow this looks so delicious!!!
    Merry Christmas


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