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i had a great thanksgiving with my little turkey. we spent the long weekend with my parents, watching old james bond movies and entertaining the baby. or being entertained by the baby.

if you follow me on facebook, then you know i've started my holiday baking this week. here's my bucket list, in no particular order. what are you baking this year?

grandma's cookies
gingerbread white chocolate chip biscotti
cranberry bliss bars
chewy white chocolate chip gingerbread cookies
hot chocolate cookies
salted caramel peanut butter cups
bacon almond brittle
brown sugar chocolate chunk cookies
chocolate peppermint sandwich cookies

yesterday on my way from the body shop (i was hit in a grocery store parking lot on thanksgiving, great way to kick off the holiday season) in to work, i stopped at dunkin' donuts for a bagel and coffee. only this time, i got a white chocolate latte. and was not disappointed in the least.

i'm still planning on making christmas stockings for this year. so in the next four weeks, i have to sew three stockings, make cookies, plan christmas dinner, and make homemade ornaments. wish me luck. when does the "taking on more than you can handle" stop?!

these christmas blend coffee bars look and sound killer. i might have to make them soon, even though they aren't officially on the list.

as a kid, we always had treat for breakfast on christmas morning. usually my uncle stopped and got donuts for all of us on his way over to my grandparents' house. since we won't be driving anywhere on christmas, i want to make something delicious. cinnamon rolls or monkey bread would be perfect, but they take up too much time. i'm thinking this cinnamon roll coffeecake might be exactly what i am looking for. do you have any easy breakfast treats perfect for christmas?

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