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baby winn is five months old today. five. he's getting so big & loves taking walks in his stroller, telling us about his day, and playing with the other babies at daycare.

i was absolutely, head over heels in love with coconut when i was pregnant, and have had a soft spot for it since. so you can imagine my excitement when i saw this crockpot coconut hot chocolate. i bought the ingredients for this the very next day. and they have sat on my kitchen counter ever since, waiting for a few free minutes to whip it up.

vodka + cranberry was my drink of choice before baby winn. time to get back on board with this cranberry vodka spritzer!

i am hosting christmas for the first time ever this year. since there will only be three of us, plus the baby, i'm debating whether to cook a whole bird, or just this roast turkey breast with roasted garlic gravy. thoughts?

speaking of christmas, this salted caramel apple pie, although pretty untraditional, is a contender for christmas dessert. and i'm already behind on my christmas baking. these super chewy ginger cookies are definitely on the list, along with this chocolate peanut butter fudge and bacon almond brittle. the combination of bacon and caramel is killer. and if brittle isn't your thing, try these soft bacon caramels.

i was in trader joe's this week and picked up some of their dark chocolate peanut butter salted caramel truffles. they are just as decadent and delicious as they sound. this peanut butter pie with caramel and chocolate ganache pie sounds like a grown up version of the truffles. love it. 

i've got to get on this baby apron tutorial because baby winn sure is a drooler. and it's almost time to start him on cereal. i'll get on it right after the christmas stockings are done. and christmas dinner is cooked & cleaned. so yea, january.

what's up with chalkboards?! they're everywhere! i can't tell you how many nurseries i saw them in when i was planning baby winn's. regardless of the inhalation issues with chalk dust and the mess it makes, somehow chalkboards became. which is strange, since every classroom i've been in in the last five years has gotten rid of theirs for dry erase or smart boards. anyway, yes, i am jumping on the chalkboard bandwagon with this simply diy chalkboard.

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