martha's slow cooker beef stew

for the month of october, i eased going back to work, working one day a week. tuesday. so for the five tuesdays in october, i went to work and jason stayed home with baby winn. this beef stew was perfect for one of those tuesday nights, when i wanted to play with the baby as soon as i got home and jason wanted to relax or do one of the dozen or so things on his to do list that can't possibly get done when you have a baby around.

speaking of not having enough time, that is the one thing i wish i knew before i had baby winn: when you spend a day at home with him, you have time for one chore, and that's it. no side projects that you'll get done in your "free" time, as i naively thought before he arrived. as any parent knows, those precious few minutes while the baby is sleeping, swinging, or otherwise content leave you scrambling to do no less than six things, of which you will only get done two, and spend the entire rest of the day trying to squeeze in some time to do the other four things. like this post, and all others in the last month and those to come in the next year. i'm squeezing it in between baby bedtime and parks & recreation. time not only moves one hell of a lot faster with a baby around, it's also a million times more precious. and hard to come by.

martha's slow cooker beef stew
click to get the recipe from martha stewart. i followed the slow cooker variation and cooked it on low for 8 hours. other than halving the recipe (three pounds of meat is a lot for 2 people), and adding a bit more potatoes and carrots to use up what i already had, i followed the recipe as posted.

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