recent errors

behind the scenes of any kitchen, are a number of disasters. some can be salvaged, and sometimes so well, that you can't even tell that it's the result of a disaster. others, are complete and utter messes. unsalvageable. in keeping with the spirit of sharing both messes and successes, here are a few messes i've made recently -

vanilla caramels. the picture doesn't really capture the mess. some of these came out perfect, the others had sandy patches or hard as a rock spots. i don't know what i did to these - cook them too long, or under uneven heat - but they need some work.

snickerdoodle monkey bread muffins. great concept. but i overfilled the pan or the batter needs more leavener to make these babies rise. another one with great flavor.

snickerdoodles. easy, right? who screws these up? this girl. i ended up with crunchy pancakes. my diagnosis is that the butter was too warm. better luck next time.

sugar crack cookies. see snickerdoodles above. this time, i had puffy, crunchy, flavorless cookies.

lentil soup. boring + flavorless. sorry joy of cooking. i still love you. maybe i don't like lentils?

sweet quinoa. quinoa + milk + cinnamon + maple syrup + orange zest. my own experiment that was really a conglomeration of others. the consistency did it for me. i'm still playing around with ways to make this one work because the flavor is spot on.

gnocchi. check out my attempt.


  1. I admire a cooking blogger that isn't afraid to show her . . . less than perfect dishes. You rock!

  2. The vanilla caramels look delicious! By the way, Martha Stewart's snickerdoodle recipe works really well, if you are interested.



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