gingerbread apple upside down cake

i love a good cake, but i always need an excuse to make one. it seems pretty silly to bake a whole cake for two people. silly, simply because i'll end up eating cake for dinner while jason looks on in awe.

is cake/cookies/pie/pick-your-favorite-dessert for dinner a woman thing? every woman i know has, at some point in her life, eaten a piece of cake for dinner and not thought twice about it. do men do that too? or think we're crazy?

lucky for me, chris whipped up some tacos for dinner and i brought dessert! i had been eying this cake on deb's blog for a while and since we had fresh picked apples, it was the perfect time to make it. i followed her recipe exactly, but instead of the 45 minutes hers took to bake, mine took an hour and fifteen minutes, so make sure you keep an eye on it.

and the leftovers? perfect for breakfast.

gingerbread apple upside down cake
click the link to get the recipe at smittenkitchen

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  1. I love being one of Kate's "tasters", it might be just as good as being in the audience on some Food TV show! This cake was REALLY good!


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