chocolate zucchini cupcakes

i have a lot of zucchini in my freezer. and by a lot, i mean a lot. an easy 10 cups, if not more. and we haven't been eating it nearly as fast as i expected.

so it's time for my go to zucchini recipe - chocolate cupcakes.

when i first made these last summer in the midst of the zuke plant take over, no one knew they had zucchini in them. that's how good they are.

in the summer i used fresh zucchini and grated it in the small holes of a box grater. i didn't squeeze any of the water from it - i think that's what kept them so moist. at the end of the summer, i grated up the rest of what i had and froze them in 2 cup bags. i'm sure they're getting close to their end of life, but these were good none the less. i did notice they weren't as moist, so they really have to be eaten the day they're made.

i topped half with alton brown's chocolate buttercream and cinnamon cream cheese frosting from joy the baker. delicious.

chocolate zucchini cupcakes from 101cookbooks.com

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