my week in food

here's a summary of everything i made & we ate over the last week. enjoy!

Easy Cheesy Baked Tortellini Recipe on twopeasandtheirpod.com

monday night i delegated dinner duty to jason, who made one of his favorites: chinese chicken & broccoli stir fry. i spent my time playing farm with my favorite kiddos.

tuesday we had leftover cheesy baked tortellini from roo's birthday brunch with cheesy garlic bread

we have roughly 40 minutes from the minute we get in the door to when we want to be sitting down for dinner on monday, tuesday & wednesday nights, so i try to keep our meals super simple those evenings. this wednesday was no different with basic ground beef and bean tacos with avocado and corn. simple but good. 

thursday was garden chicken salad with carrots, cucumber, and avocado

friday we headed to the playground for a picnic with bacon, potato and egg casserole. we were all happy to have our first ice cream of the year for dessert!

this month i waited until the very last minute to make my secret recipe club selection. saturday night we had mexican mac & cheese and bakewell tart. both were delicious. 

i was so happy to get our bikes out this weekend - especially since both boys can now ride in the bike trailer. sunday morning we pumped up the tires, buckled the boys in, packed a picnic lunch of sandwiches and headed out for a ride. we left with excited boys and brought home sleeping ones. the bike trailer was a hit. it was mid afternoon when jason and i looked at each other and realized we had absolutely nothing for dinner. after a quick trip to the store, we had pizza and fruit for dinner out on the patio.

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