i've had my eyes on a couple recipes for carmelitas - an oatmeal bar cookie stuffed with creamy, salty caramel and chocolate chips - for years. one saturday afternoon, about six months ago when i was eight months pregnant, they soared to the top of my "must make now" list. i took advantage of nap time and was digging into these a couple hours later. making them is the easy part, it's waiting for them to cool completely before eating that takes restraint!

click to get the recipe from baked bree. i chose to make my own caramel sauce, and as you can see, the bars didn't come out as gooey as bree's. i'm not sure why. it doesn't really matter - they tasted amazing! if you don't want to make your own caramel, sub a store bought caramel sauce. i really like trader joe's fleur de sel caramel sauce

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