44 clove garlic soup with chicken

i really hate to start it this way, but i'm sorry. i'm sorry deb, this garlic soup was just plain too garlicky for me. too garlicky for my garlic loving husband. this is the first and only recipe i've made from deb at smitten kitchen that was a bust for me. that said, i think there are a few ways to totally redeem this soup & it's on my radar to try again.

the original recipe calls for 44 cloves of garlic - or three heads, to make it easier. two heads of garlic are roasted and added to the soup later and the remaining head is simmered in chicken stock. the roasted garlic is nice and mild, still garlicky, but not as pungent. i think either skipping the third head completely or roasting all three heads would make a soup full of garlic flavor, without the super strong bite. please let me know in the comments if you try it. and i'll be sure to update this post when i do.

44 clove garlic soup with chicken
click to get the recipe at smitten kitchen.i made two changes: i didn't bother counting cloves and roasted two heads (where deb calls for 26 cloves) and simmered 1 head (where she calls for 18 cloves) and i added two precooked, shredded chicken breasts when the soup was finished.

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  1. i remember seeing this soup, and bookmarked it to try. we love garlic, but i must admit 3 heads sounded a bit scary to me. :) i like the chicken idea!


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