pork breakfast sandwich

i'm constantly on the lookout for a breakfast that tastes great, takes five minutes or less to make, and will keep me full until lunchtime. luckily, this sandwich not only meets those requirements, but is also a great use of leftovers! you really don't need a recipe for this one: grill or toast a bun, heat up a leftover prosciutto wrapped pork cutlet, fry or poach an egg, and layer the pork, egg, and cheese on the bun.


  1. Who has a prosciutto wrapped pork cutlet just hanging around?

    1. someone who made them from my last post? :)

  2. Your sandwich sounds great (and looks great, too). We have a pork breakfast sandwich that you may like as well http://chezus.com/2011/03/30/pork-breakfast-sandwich/

    Look forward to checking out your site more!


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