weekend breakfast bowls

last weekend when jason was still trying to muster up the energy to get out of bed on sunday morning, i turned the week's left overs into a great man breakfast. in our house, a man breakfast is any kind of egg dish that also includes meat. it has to include meat.

don't ask me, that's definitely not a phrase a woman came up with.

anyway, i sauteed leftover roasted potatoes - the potatoes have to be cooked already or they will be crunchy if you try to make them from raw potatoes - and cooked up some eggs. that was the bulk of it. covered the eggs with leftover pico de gallo and queso fresco cheese. add some bacon. done. i ate mine in the bowl and jason rolled his up into the tortilla.

i bet this would be really great with a poached egg too...

weekend breakfast bowls
15 minutes, makes 2

about 1 1/2 cups leftover roasted potatoes
couple strips of bacon per person
3 eggs
couple tablespoons half & half or whole milk
couple tablespoons left over pico de gallo
queso freso, monterrey jack, or cheddar cheese
2 tortillas
  1. cube the potatoes into bite size pieces if they aren't already. saute the potatoes over medium heat until heated throughout and they start to get a little crunchy on the outside (or however you like your breakfast potatoes).
  2. while the potatoes are cooking, fry your bacon (or bake it, if you like).
  3. in a small bowl, whisk the eggs with a splash of half & half or milk, salt, & pepper. make scrambled eggs. when the eggs are just about done, add a small (1/2 teaspoon or a small slice from a stick) amount of butter and mix it in until it melts. the eggs will be super creamy from the butter. you can use half & half instead of butter too.
  4. serve the eggs with pico de gallo and cheese alongside the potatoes and bacon. or if you're crazy, throw it all into a giant tortilla and make your own breakfast burrito!

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