jason's egg sandwich experiment

below is the second installment from jason, my taste tester, who - since his macaroni and cheese success in april (which is still the most popular post on this blog) - has decided cooking isn't really too hard. he has occasional food projects, just like me, that he wants to share too.

here's his method for breakfast sandwiches. his method, his thoughts, and this time, his photos.

On Sunday I decided with the leftover bagels that I would try making egg and cheese bagel sandwiches for Kate and I. Normally when I cook it I just make scrambled eggs and put them on with cheese on top. The problem with normal scrambled eggs is that they all just fall off the sandwich when you eat it. I thought about how it must be done in the restaurant. Probably when you go to McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts they just microwave or oven cook eggs in molds. I wonder if I can replicate that in the frying pan? Normally I would search online for a technique but as it was a Sunday morning I was hungry and not in the mood for sitting at a computer, so I just guessed and tried it out.

On the first attempt I used a donut cutter as the "mold" and a half tablespoon of butter that I melted and spread over the sides with a silicone brush. I scrambled two eggs with salt and pepper and let it sit while the pan heat up on medium-low heat. I thought with the egg being so thick I would need to cook it slow to keep it from burning. Kate suggested I put a top over the pan as well to trap in some of the heat, which I did. It took a long time to cook and I was afraid of it burning but as this was a kitchen trial I just left it alone until the top appeared to be set.

I used too much egg and it was hard to pop out of the mold, perhaps because it was thick, or perhaps because the butter didn't work well. I had to use a knife to sort of cut it out. The bottom wasn't burnt but it was a medium brown -- a little toasty. It won't win any medals for appearance but it tasted just fine and never broke apart and fell out of the sandwich, so I will call it a medium success.

I figured for the second sandwich I would use non-stick spray instead of butter and a single egg. The amount of egg was much better this time; the egg didn't stick to the mold and with it not being so thick it cooked better without having a toasted bottom.


  1. This would go great with a slice of Jimmy Dean's in the middle!

  2. Please, please no more snapshots of food, only photgraphs!


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