raspberry pots de creme

i'm intimidated by custard. or pots de creme. whatever you want to call them, they've always scared me a bit. i've seen vanilla ones. chocolate ones. fruit flavored ones. i watched america's test kitchen make creme caramel. and melissa d'arabian make spiced butterscotch. and talk about how easy they are to make. and how the water bath is critical. so last weekend, when i needed a celebration dessert i also just happened to see this post for raspberry pots de creme. perfect.

they were easy. very easy. but i'm not quite sure if i don't like custard or if i did something wrong. i'm thinking the latter since the flavor itself was great.

i'll try again, when i get up the courage. and it will be a chocolate or caramel or other super sweet flavor. maybe i jumped the gun and skipped the foundational flavor and skipped straight to something unique.

raspberry pots de creme
find the recipe at Showfood Chef

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  1. these look delicious. I love the spoons that used.


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